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[Quiz] Input Attributes

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Defines a default value which will be displayed in the element on page load.
readonly Attribute
Restricts an input field to read-only. Value=readonly
Specifies that an input field is read only (cannot be changed)
Attribute: Indicates whether the user can interact with the element. Used in: <button>, <command>, <fieldset>, <input>,<keygen>, <optgroup>, <option>, <select>,<textarea>
size Attribute
Specifies the width of an input element, in number of characters. Value=number
Attribute: Defines the maximum number of characters allowed in the element. Used in: <input>, <textarea>
min Attribute
Specifies the minimum value for an input element. Value=date or Value=number
Attribute: Indicates the action of the element, overriding the action defined in the<form>. Used in: <input>, <button>
formenctype Attribute
Specifies the encoding type for form data when submitting the data to a server; used only for method="post" Value=application/x-www-form-urlencoded multipart/form-data text/plain
formmethod Attribute
Specifies the HTTP (transmission method used for sending form data to a Web address. Value=get or Value=post
formnovalidate Attribute
A Boolean attribute that prevents validation when submitting input. Value=formnovalidate
formtarget Attribute
Specifies a keyword that indicates where to display the response received after submitting the form. Value:
multiple Attribute
A Boolean attribute that specifies the user may enter multiple values. Value=multiple
pattern Attribute
Provides a format (a regular expression) for the input field; the input element's value is checked against the expression. Value=regexp
placeholder Attribute
Displays a key word or shot phrase that describes the expected value of an input field, such as "Email" for an email input field; place holder disappears when user enters data. Value=text
required Attribute
A Boolean attribute that requires an input field to be filled out before submitting the form. Value=required
step Attribute
Specifies the accepted number of intervals for an input element; can be used with the min and max attributes to create a range of values
Specifies whether autocomplete is on or off in a form or input field; can be "on" for specific input fields and "off" for the form, or vice versa. Value=on or Value=off