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Document Object Model (DOM)
A standardized way of referring to the parts of a Web page, using a hierarchical arrangement of the content of an HTML document in a tree-like structure.
DOM tree
The hierarchical arrangement of the content of an HTML document into a tree-like structure, which is used in the Document Object Model.
An HTML element in the DOM>
Each piece of information we include in an object is known as a _______. Think of a _______ like a _______ that belongs to some object.
actions that an object can perform
dot notation
The syntax used to identify a specific item within the DOM, in which you list the objects, properties, and methods leading to it in the DOM tree in order, separated by periods.
Actions defined for a web page; an event can trigger a script.
Event handler
An HTML attribute that specifies a type of user action, enabling you to indicate code to execute in response to a specific event.
store blocks of code that you can later call at any time to avoid repetition in your program
Collections of reusable script code.
Assignment Operator
Assigns a Variable to a Value (=)
comparison operators
2<1 evalutes to false
Logical Operators
&&, ||, !
A means of storing the result of a JavaScript command.
conditional statement
these statements allow your program to make decisions!