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Add programming features
More powerful than HTML, JavaScript allows Web page developers to _______ to a Web document without having to know a programming language.
Object Oriented
Depends on a collection of objects to perform functions, rather than a series of statements that perform specific tasks. New objects can be created that retain properties and functionality of previous objects. This retention is called inheritance.
Event Driven
Code is not sequential, but instead is driven by user input (clicking buttons, moving the mouse, etc.) Events happen based on what a user does. The order is not sequential.
Procedural Programming Model
A language that is sequential in nature, and users interact with the program based on what is "supposed to happen next".
What are characteristics of Javascript?
Javascript is a scripting language. It is object-based, and event-driven.
What are the strengths of Javascript?
Short development time, small learning curve, and platform independence.
Platform Independence
Not limited to specific hardware or operating system.
Scripting language created by Microsoft as a sub-set of the Visual Basic programming language. It is easy to learn, but only supported by Internet Explorer.