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[Quiz] Introduction III

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Microsoft's version of Javascript.
In an effort to standardize, the European Computer Manufacturers Association (ECMA) created a scripting language called _______
Add programming features
More powerful than HTML, JavaScript allows Web page developers to _______ to a Web document without having to know a programming language.
Event-driven programming language
programming language that responds to events
Built-in objects
values that are common to a browser
actions that an object can perform
value given to a method
store blocks of code that you can later call at any time to avoid repetition in your program
User-defined function
written by developer to perform a particular task
Event handler
An HTML attribute that specifies a type of user action, enabling you to indicate code to execute in response to a specific event.
Containers for holding values
Local variable
a Variable that is only Available in the Function, in which it was Defined.
Global variable
variable value is available for use anywhere inside the HTML file
Javascript runs on this side
javascript can be embedded into html using these tags
Head section
script tags are preferred in this section
<!-- //-->
Tag that enables you to hide the code from non-supportive browsers
Synthesis of code to simplify it and reduce duplication; linking two or more units of information, such as strings or files, to form one unit.
Get out of the loop
Real world entities that have properties and methods.
Document Object Model
Is a group of values that has a length property.