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The kinds of values that can be stored and manipulated in a programming language
Fixed values and Variable values
The JavaScript syntax defines two types of values:
Fixed values are called _______
Numbers, Strings
Literals can be _______ or _______
Variable values are called _______
numbers, booleans, strings
3 basic types of variables
In programming, variables that contain text are called _______ . They must be surrounded with quotation marks such as in the example below.
_______ are text, written within double or single quotes
Which keyword is used to define a variable?
...the variable becomes part of the global scope
If you don't use keyword 'var' for declaration, ...
an equal sign (=)
_______ is used to assign values to variables
assignment operator
Operator used to assign values to JavaScript variables
a catch-all data type
Hyphens, Underscore, Camel Case
programmers have used three ways of joining multiple words into one variable name
a common naming convention used in scripting languages, in which two words are placed together with no space between and the second word capitalized.
lowercase letter
camel case often starts with a _______