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AngularJS Protractor

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A Node.js program. Runs end to end (e2e) tests that are also written in JavaScript and run with node. It uses WebDriver to control browsers and simulate user actions.
Controls browsers and simulates user actions. See
A behavior-driven development (BDD) framework for testing JavaScript code.
it blocks
Made of commands and expectations.
Tell Protractor to do something with the application such as navigate to a page or click on a button.
Tell Protractor to assert something about the application's state, such as the value of a field or the current URL.
Run before each it block regardless of whether the block passes or fails.
Run after each it block regardless of whether the block passes or fails.
Install Protractor globally
npm install -g protractor
npm install protractor
Install Protractor locally. Files located in 'node_modules'
Helper tool to get an instance of a Selenium Server running.
webdriver-manager update
Downloads the necessary binaries for Selenium Server.
webdriver-manager start
Starts Selenium Server instance. Outputs a bunch of info logs. Protractor tests send requests to this server to control a local browser.
Spec file
Synonym for a test file. Contains the code for the tests. Written using the syntax of your test framework, for example Jasmine, and the Protractor API (
Config file
Tells Protractor where your test files (specs) are, and where to talk to your Selenium Server (seleniumAddress). It will use the defaults for all other configuration. Chrome is the default browser. Alt definition: Tells Protra…
browser (global variable)
A wrapper around an instance of WebDriver, used for navigation and page-wide information. The browser.get method loads a page. Protractor expects Angular to be present on a page, so it will throw an erro…
element (global variable)
A helper function for finding and interacting with DOM elements on the page you are testing. The element function searches for an element on the page. It requires one parameter, a locator strategy for locating the element.
by (global variable)
A collection of element locator strategies. For example, elements can be found by CSS selector, by ID, or by the attribute they are bound to with ng-model.
protractor (global variable)
The Protractor namespace which wraps the WebDriver namespace. Contains static variables and classes, such as protractor.Key which enumerates the codes for special keyboard signals.
Reference config file
Provides explanations for all of the Protractor configuration options. Default settings include the standalone Selenium Server, the Chrome browser, and the Jasmine test framework.