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processor directive
a C program line beginning with # that provides an instruction to the processor
a system program that modifies a C program prior to its compilation
a collection of useful functions and symbols that may be accessed by a program
constant macro
a name that is placed by a particular constant value before the program is sent to the compiler
text beginning with /* and ending with */ that provides supplementary information but is ignored by the preprocessor and compiler
the part of a program that tells the compiler the names of memory cells in a program
executable statements
program lines that are converted to machine language instructions and executed by the computer
reserved word
a word that has a special meaning in C
standard identifier
a word having special meaning but one that a programmer may redefine (but redefinition is not recommended!)
a name associated with a memory cell whose value can change
variable declarations
Statements that communicate to the compiler the names of variables in the program and the kind of information stored in each variable
data type
a set of values and operations that can be performed on those values
ASCII code
a particular code that specifies the integer representing each char value
assignment statement
an instruction that stores a value or a computational result in a variable
input operation
An instruction that copies data from an input device into memory
output operation
an instruction that displays information stored in memory
input/output function
a C function that performs an input or output operation
function call
calling or activating a function
function argument
enclosed in parentheses following the functions name; provides information needed by the function
format string
in a call to 'printf', a string of characters enclosed in quotes, which specifies the form of the output line