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[Quiz] Pointers

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What are pointers?
Variables that store memory addresses of another variable. They must be declared before being used
gcc -o name_of_file -lm name_of_file.c
How do you compile a code you created?
What does "&" do?
it means "address of"
What does "%x" do?
It is used in a printf statement to print the hexadecimal value
int *c =&a
It declares c as a pointer that contains the address of a. See pic on google doc
see bottom of google doc
Placeholder for int values
used with (long int) some_variable. it is used to printf a long integer.
Printing this: "*a" gives?
Gives whatever is at the address of a
type array_name[capacity];
What is the syntax for declaring an array variable?
#define MaxLimit 25
How do you define a constant and where can it be helpful?
What is the importance of the "[]"?
It flags the parameter as an array, and it is always passed by reference
int i, j, min;
How can you declare variables all of the same type?
DoorClosed, DoorOpen, DoorOpening, DoorClosing
States in a Garage Door
camel-case such as...
States are generally named....
What causes us to change from state to state.
To print a pointer