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[Quiz] Introduction II

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print list
in a call to 'printf', the variables or expressions whose values are displayed
a symbol beginning with % in a format string that indicates where to display the output value
newline escape sequence
the character sequence \n, which is used in a format string to terminate an output line
a moving place marker that indicates the next position on the screen where information will be displayed
Prompting message
a message displayed to indicate that data to enter and in what form
program documentation
information that enhances the readability of a program
mixed-type expression
An expression with operands of different types
mixed-type assigment
he expression that's being evaluated and the variable to which its assigned have different data types
type cast
converting an expression to a different type by writing the desired type in parentheses in front of the expression
unary operator
an operator with one operand
binary operator
an operator with two operands
representational error
an error due to coding a real number as a finite number of binary digits
cancellation error
an error resulting from applying an arithmetic operation to operands of vastly different magnitudes; effect of smaller operand is lost
arithmetic underflow
an error in which a very small computational result is represented as zero
arithmetic overflow
an error that is an attempt to represent a computational result that is too large
field width
the number of columns used to display a value
interactive mode
a mode of program execution in which the user responds to prompts by entering data
hatch mode
a mode of program execution in which the program scans its data from a previously prepared data file
removing errors from a program
syntax error
a violation of the C grammar rules, detected during program compilation
run-time error
an attempt to perform an invalid operation, detected during program execution
logic error
an error caused by following an incorrect algorithm
global variable
a variable defined outside of all functions of a program
include another class
define integer
prints text on screen
move cursor to next line
waits for user to hit enter,then receives character
returns a value to determine success
a character
scans variable
checks to see if variable equals a certain number
greater than or equal to
less than or equal to
Not equal to
Checks if statement is true or false
else if
used as alternative to if statement
The first line of an addition program would be
what is the output of the addition program
after following the prompts to add numbers it will sum the numbers and output the result and display it as
What is the destructive process in the addition program?
When value is placed in a mem. loc. value replaces previous val. in that location for example in the addition program scanf("%d",&integer1) replaced by scanf("%d",integer2)
variable, constant or function names that are case sensitive
The modulo operation
Finds the remainder after division of one number by anothe
Its a modulo operation that evaluates to 3
in cases of nested,or embedded,parentheses the innermost pair of parentheses are applied first