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specify an IOPS rate and
For Provisioned IOPS When you create a DB instance, you specify an_______ and _______
the lifetime of the DB
Amazon RDS provisions that IOPS rate and storage _______ of the DB
I/O intensive, online transaction
Provisioned IOPS storage is optimized for _______ intensive
online transaction
OLTP stands for
using the AWS Management
You can create a DB instance that uses Provisioned IOPS storage by using the AWS _______ , the AWS _______ OR the _______
CLI stands for
Command Line Interface (CLI)
m1.large, m1.xlarge,
If you are using Provisioned IOPS storage what instance classes should you use
some I/O
_______ which will reduce the overall capacity available for normal database operations
called Disk Queue Depth.
a new CloudWatch Metric called _______
tolerance and _______ storage for fast and predictable performance.
For production OLTP use cases, we recommend that you use Multi-AZ deployments for enhanced fault