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you are charged for the resources
Because Provisioned IOPS storage reserves resources for your use, we can expect to be _______
Using Provisioned IOPS storage increases the number of IO requests the system is capable of processing
a _______
Increased concurrency allows for decreased latency since IO requests spend less time in a queue.
faster database commits, which improves response time and
Decreased latency allows for _______ and allows for higher database _______
Increasing Provisioned IOPS capacity from 10,000 to 20,000 doubles the system's capacity for concurrent
balanced, so there is some unused write channel bandwidth. What would increasing Provisioned IOPS capacity from 10,000 TO 20,000 allow?
decreased latency
Generally, . Increased concurrency means
Increased concurrency means decreased latency,
Transactions can be completed faster by insuring
RIA \nrich internet app
heart of Ajax
XMLHttpRequest\nwraps up all the functionality required to circumvent the old–fashioned client–server process
Asynchronous JavaScript and XML.