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The page does goes through a full life cycle of page post back
If the update panel hijacks the postback request and turns it into Async, does this mean the page does not have to go through a full cycle during Async postback?
The updated contents within the update panel ViewState for controls within the update panel
Which two things does an update panel inject into the page after an Async postback?
Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManager Sys.Applications
Which two .NET classes of the SYS namespace provide the framework for issuing asynchronous PosBacks?
<Services> ––––––<asp:ServiceReference Path="~/WeatherService.svc" </Services>
Using ScriptManager, how do you create a proxy to an Ajax enabled web service?
<Services> ––––––<asp:ServiceReference Path="~/Scripts/MyCustomCode.js" </Services>
Under ScriptManager markup, how do you specify a reference to a custom Javascript file
<asp:ScriptManager EnablePageMethod="true" /> Decorate the method with the [WebMethod] attribute Invoke method using PageMethod class: PageMethod.MethodName( );
Instead of developing a web service, how can you enable your aspx page to dispatch calls to a page asynchronously?
Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManager.abortPostBack() This will discard the response from the server.
When making asynchronous calls how can you cancel the process in the middle?
initializeRequest beginRequest pageLoading pageLoaded endRequest
What are the 5 events raised by the PageRequestManager class after an asynchronous request has been issued?
init load – initiates events of PageRequestManager unload
What are the 3 events raised by Sys.Applciations? Which event initiates the postback events of the PageRequestManager class?
pageInit (sender) pageLoad (sender, args) pageUnload (sender, args)
Which 3 events do you implicitly get in your script due to the presence of the ScriptManager control?