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It falls back to normal postback
How does the updatePanel behave if the client does not support asynchronous postBacks?
RenderMode = "Block" generates div RenderMode="Inline" generates span
How can you specify that the UpdatePanel renders its contents within a div or a span?
UpdateMode = "Always" change to: UpdateMode="Conditional"
What's the default update mode for updatePanels? What can you change it to?
By default UpdateMode="Always". Therefore all update panels get updated by the postback.
If a page has 3 update panels with their default settings, what happens to the other two panels when the third panel issues a postback?
Call updatePanel.Update() method Condition: UpdateMode="Conditional" ChildrenAsTriggers = "false"
How can you programmatically make an updatePanel fire an asynchronous postback using a control residing outside the control panel?
Set ChildrenAsTriggers = "false"
How can you prevent controls within an update panel from triggering a postBack request?
<asp:AsynchronousPostBackTrigger /> <asp:PostBackTrigger/> ControlID EventName
What type of triggers can be specified in the <Triggers> collection of an update panel? What two attributes do these triggers take?
Add it to the <Triggers> collection using a <asp:PostBack/> trigger
How can you have a control inside an update issue a standard postback?
Add it to the <Triggers> collection using a <asp:AsynchronousPostBack/> trigger
How can you have an external control issue an asynchronous postback for an update panel?
UpdateMode property must be set to "Conditional"
What's the requirement for using Nested update panels?