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Outer panel will update all child panels but not parent panels
If nested update panels are configured correctly, how will the behave when triggering asynchronous postbacks?
Which binding is used by JavaScript callable WCF services?
What's the data format used by JavaScript callable WCF services?
unique namespace [ServiceContract(Namespace = "
When using JavaScript callable WCF services, what argument should be specified in the [ServiceContract] attribute?
Set enableWebScript Set aspNetCompatibilityEnabled = "true" Use WebHttpBinding
When using JavaScript callable WCF services, what three things that need to be set in the web.config file?
OnSuccess (result, userData) –––––––– userData would be the last argument provided in the request OnFailure (err)
When using JavaScript callable WCF services, what two callback methods does the client side JavaScript proxy provide? What argument does it provide for each callback method?
by using the WebInvoke(ResponseFormat=WebMessageFormat.Xml) with the OperationContract attribute.
How can you modify the behavior of a WCF method to return data as XML instead of JSON?
MicrosoftAjax.js MicrosoftAjaxWebForms.js MicrosoftAjaxTimer.js
What three client side Ajax Extensions classes are provided by the Microsoft AJAX framework for Asynchronous request?
By using <CompositeScript> <asp:ScriptManager> ––––<CompositeScript> ––––––––<asp:ScriptReference name="MicrosoftAjax.js"/> ––––––––<asp:ScriptReference name="MicrosoftAjaxWebForms.js"/> ––––––––<asp:ScriptReference name="MicrosoftAjaxTimer.js"/> ––––<CompositeScript> <asp:ScriptManager>
How can you combine scripts to decrease round–trips and improve efficiency?
$get ("ServerControlID");
What object does the PageRequestManager class provide to reference a server control in JavaScript?