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define XHR
Refers to XMLHttpRequest, a method implemented by standards compliant browsers to receive asynchronous requests in JavaScript
define AJAX
Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
where did AJAX get its origins?
As part of Outlook Web Access, Microsoft released an ActiveX control in 1998. It wasn't made popular until Google used it in 2005
Describe difference between AJAX implementations in IE 6 and 7
IE 7 uses a wrapper that is compliant with the XHR standard, instead of IE 6's active X call.
(true or false) jQuery uses the new IE 7 wrapper for XHR
As of 1.4, this is false; jQuery feels that the wrapper in IE 7 is buggy, so it goes straight to the source
cancels currently executing request
Define the XHR method: abort() method
Define the XHR method: getAllResponseHeaders()
returns string containing the names and values of all response headers
Define the XHR method: getResponseHeader(name)
returns value of one header
Define the XHR method: open(method,url,async,user,pass)
Sets the HTTP request method (GET or POST) and URL to be requested. Other parms are optional
What is the purpose of async in this method: open(method,url,async)
async is true by default, is false, the request is much like normal HTTP (synchronous, not loaded in background)