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xml, html, json, jsonp, script, text
explain possible values of the dataType property passed to the $.ajax() utility method\n\nHint: It is the same as the type argument in $.get(url, parms, callback, type)
returns XML DOM object parsed from the returned text body
When setting properties for $.ajax() method, explain the dataType of 'xml'
similar to json, except remote scripting is allowed
When setting properties for $.ajax() method, explain the dataType of 'jsonp'
they are evaluated when inserted into the DOM
What happens to <script> tags when setting the dataType for jQuery's $.ajax() method to 'html'?
what method returns AJAX call in JSON format?
$.getJSON(url, parameters, callback)\n\nreturned JSON object is passed to callback
GET request
what type of HTTP request does $.getJSON() utilize?
receives the JSON object returned
what is the purpose of callback in $.getJSON(url, parms, callback)
what jQuery utility creates an HTTP request with type POST?
what jQuery utility method provides advanced control over execution of XHR requests?
explain the $.ajax() option: type
the HTTP request type (GET or POST)\n\ndefaults to GET