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explain the $.ajax() option: data
a query string, JS object, or array of name/value objects\n\nPassed in the url for GET requests, as part of body for POST requests.
explain the $.ajax() option: dataType
Defines the format of the returned data. If omitted, jQuery will guess based on returned content\n\nOne of xml, html, json, jsonp, script, or text
executes the returned value as JS statements, then passes it to the callback (if any)
when using $.ajax(), the property dataType can be set to 'script' – what does this do?
explain the $.ajax() option: cache
if false, ensures response is not cached by the browser
in what cases does the $.ajax() cache option default to true?
All cases except when dataType is set to jsonp or script
explain the $.ajax() option: context
overrides 'this', setting the context for all callback invocations
explain the $.ajax() option: timeout
milliseconds until timeout, if expired, request is aborted and error callback is invoked (if defined)
explain the $.ajax() option: global
if false, disables triggering of jQuery global ajax events, defaults to true (enabled)
explain the $.ajax() option: contentType
content type specified in HTTP request, defaults to application/x–www–form–urlencoded (default for form submissions)
explain the $.ajax() option: success
a function invoked if request succeeds\n\nfirst parm is request body, second is the text 'success', third is XHR instance