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explain the $.ajax() option: error
a function invoked if request fails\n\nfirst parm is request body, second is the text 'error|timeout|notmodified|parseerror', third is XHR instance
explain the $.ajax() option: complete
called after error or success callbacks (if they are defined), receives XHR instance and status string
explain the $.ajax() option: beforeSend
called before initiating request, receives XHR instance as param\n\nreturning false from this callback cancels the request
explain the $.ajax() option: async
defaults to true, if set to false, synchronous request is sent (blocks browser activity just like a page load)
explain the $.ajax() option: processData
if false, data passed is not processed into a url–encoded format
explain the $.ajax() option: dataFilter
callback function called to filter result data, passed the raw result data and dataType value, must return the "sanitized" data
explain the $.ajax() option: ifModified
if true, request succeeds only if response content has not changed since last request, according to the Last–Modified header, defaults to false
explain the $.ajax() option: jsonp
overrides the default jsonp callback parameter
explain the $.ajax() option: scriptCharset
the character set used for script and jsonp requests when remote and local have diff charsets
explain the $.ajax() option: xhr
a callback used to provide custom implementation of the XHR method