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explain the $.ajax() option: traditional
if true, traditional parameter stylization is used (see $.param())
how can one set a default list of ajax options instead of passing them each time to $.ajax()?
(true or false) defaults set with $.ajaxSetup() also affect the $(...).load() method
false, additionally, overriding the type option has no effect on $.get() and $.post() util methods (they igonore it)
$.bind(), just like any other listeners in jQuery
What method is used to establish global listeners for Ajax requests?
ajaxStart, ajaxSend, ajaxSuccess, ajaxError, ajaxStop, and ajaxComplete
What are the Ajax related events that can be monitored?
What arguments are given to the listeners for ajaxStart events?
the XHR instance
What arguments are given to the listeners for beforeSend events?
the XHR is canceled
What happens if the listener for beforeSend returns false?
jQuery.Event, XHR instance, and options passed to $.ajax()
What arguments are given to the listeners for ajaxSend events?
What ajax event is always triggered, even for synchronous events?