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5.The following example displays an alert box after the load() method completes. If the load() method has succeed, it displays "External content loaded successfully!", and if it fails it displays an error message:
3.The optional callback parameter is the name of a function to be executed after the load() method is completed.
$("#div1").load("demo_test.txt #p1");
loads the content of the element with id="p1", inside the file "demo_test.txt", into a specific <div> element:
2.The GET method may return cached data.
2.The $.post() method requests data from the server using an HTTP POST request.
jQuery.noConflict(true) is used to..
All of the above
The CSS selector engine that jQuery uses is called?
var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();
An instands of the XMLHttpRequest is created using object constructor notation. It uses the new keyword and stores the object in a variable. The variable name xhr is short for XMLHttpRequest.