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xhr.open('GET', 'data/test.json', true)
The XMLHttpRequest object's open() method prepares the request. It has three parameters. 1. The HTTP method. 2. The url of the page that will handle your request. 3. A boolean indicating if it should be asynchronous.
The send() method is the one that sends the request to the server. Extra information can be passed to the server in the parentheses.
When the browser has received and loaded a response from the server, the onload event will fire. This will trigger a function. The function checks the status property of the object. This is use…
A setting which takes an array of strings or a list of strings of MIME data types of the response. If you're going to accept more than one data type then use this.
A setting which takes a string which is the MIME data type of the response.
The type of request to make. Can be "POST" or "GET".
The default value of the 'type' setting.
Property which you set to 'false' to force pages to be re-requested by the browser every time.
The default value of the 'cache' setting.
The type of content that you're *sending* to the server.