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braces { }
Compound statements are formed with
Output from a PHP script is
HTML that is sent to the browser
print and printf
There are two ways to produce output:
PHP code is placed in
the body of an HTML document (though the extension is usually .php)
$createArray = array('key'=>'value');
how are arrays create in PHP
you use array brackets
How do you access an array element?
function function_name(formal_parameters) {
what is the syntactic form of a user-de fined function?
the variable's lifetime to be extended to the end of the script
Normally, the lifetime of a variable in a function is from its rst appearance to the end of the functions execution. Declaring a static variable, however, allows what?
POSIX and Perl-compatible
PHP has two kinds of mattern matching:
what is a cookie?
Is a name/value pair that is passed between a browser and a server in the HTTP header