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In PHP, cookies are created with
What is the goal of AJAX?
to provide Web-based applications with responsiveness approaching that of desktop applications
Those that have frequent interactions between the
What specific kinds of web apps benefit from AJAX
place an empty div element in the original document
For the response document what is the most common approach for HTML?
the XML returned must also be parsed.
For the Response document what is the problem with XML?
{"employees" :
For the Responce document what is the syntax for JSON?
what is DOJO and what does it provide?
A free JavaScript library of modules, for Ajax and other parts of Web site software
What is Prototype and what does it include?
A toolkit that extends JavaScript and provides tools for Ajax applications.
It has security issues.
What is the problem with AJAX?
What is a JavaServlet?
A servlet is a Java object that responds to HTTP requests and is executed on a Web server.