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what are servlets managed by?
by the servlet container, or servlet engine
All servlets are classes that either
Implement the Servlet interface or extend a class that implements the Servlet interface.
what is a session?
it is the time a browser interacts with a server.
Standard Method "$.ajax('url'
{ success: function(response) { //code } }); "
function(response) { //code });"
Alternative On Successful Response Method "$.get('url'
Include data with response "$.ajax('url'
{ success: function(response) { //code }, data: { ""var"": $(""target"").data(""var"") } });"
Failed Ajax Requests "error: function(request
errorType, errorMessage) { alert(errorType + errorMessage);"
Setting timeout speed
timeout: [ms] -- 1 second = 1000 ms
beforeSend: function() { //code }
Methods to run before Ajax request
complete: function() { //code }
Methods to run after Ajax request (success or error)