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Programming Basics

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a computer program hat transforms source code written in a programming language into another computer language, with the latter often having a binary form known as object code
a computer program that executes instructions written in a programming language, it translates code line by line and must be done each time the program is run
Integrated development environment - software for source code/programs and includes a source code editor, a compiler and an interpreter
High-Level Programming Language
Is used to write programs and looks like English but cannot be understood by the computer
Examples of high-level programming language
Java, C++, Python, and Visual Basic
Low- Level Programming Language
Is what the computer directly understands but it is different to read/write like binary code and assembly language
Examples of Low-Level Programming Language
Machine Language or Assembly Language
Source Code
any collection of computer instructions (possibly with comments) written using some human-readable computer language, usually as text