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Personal Computer
device used to insert data into a computer or other device (ex: keyboard, mouse, microphone, scanner, voice recognition)
device that projects images, gives sound, and basically gives out the info from the computer so the user can obtain it (ex: monitor, printer, projector, speakers)
Binary Code
Groupings of 1's and 0's that makes information that a computer can understand.
Read Only Memory- Permanent instructions that cannot be changed. It makes the BIOS function. Checks your OS.
User Friendly
Something anyone can operate
bits, byte, kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, terabyte.
Order of bytes from least to greatest
Storage Devices
ex: network drive, extra hard drive, flash drive, google drive.
operating system software
Programs that make the computer work. ex: Windows 8, vista, GUI, Linux.
Application Software
ex: Word, Excel, Photoshop, WordPerfect...