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Pwyso a mesur
to weigh up
unwaith ac am byth
once and for all
gwell hwyr na hwyrach
better late than never
yn awr ac yn y man
now and then
man a man i ti/ni
you/we may as well
ddim hanner call
not all there
wrth ei fodd/bodd
He/she really loves
gwneud ei orau/gorau glas
do his/her best
uchel ei gloch/chloch
(M/F) noisy
gwenu o glust i glust
smiling from ear to ear
ar ei ben/phen ei hun
on his/her own
cael ei weld
to be seen
crynu yn ei/fy sgidiau
shaking in his/my boots
a'i wynt yn ei ddwrn
out of breath
bob amser
dro ar ôl tro
time after time
gair am air
word for word
ar bigau'r drain
on tender hooks
mae hi wedi canu arna i
it's all over for me
ail law
second hand
dysgu ar gof
learn from memory
gwneud y tro
to make do
arllwys y glaw
to pour with rain
ar ben
it's over
ar y blaen
in the lead
cyn bo hir
before long
hen bryd
high time
ar ei golled/cholled
out of pocket (his/her)
mae'n dda ganddo fe/hi
he's/she's pleased
ar bob cyfrif
by all means
ar gael
dal ati
keep trying
o ddrwg i waeth
from bad to worse
o'r golwg
out of sight
maw hiraeth arno
he longs for
codi ofn ar
to frighten
ar ben ei gilydd
on top of eachother
mae hi ar ben
it's over
rhag ofn
in case
rhoi'r gorau i
to give up
dweud y drefn wrth
to tell off