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hoffwn i
i would like
hoffwn I weld
I would like to see
I was
Gwnes I
I made
Help'ur staff
Helping the staff
Rydw I eisiau
I want
To complain
Roedd y
There was
Dydw I ddim
I'm not/I do not
there will be
fydd dim
there will be no
os oes
if there's any
byddwn I'n hoffi
I would like
Hoffwn I fwcio
I would like to book
Rydyn ni eisiau
there we want
rydyn ni wedi bwcio
we would like to book
rydw I'n gweithio
I work
I started
mae llawer
there are lots
dydyn ni ddim yn gallu dod
we are not able to come
byddwn ni'n cerdded
we will be walking
rydw i'n siarad cymraeg
I speak welsh
rydw I'n dda gyda pobl
I am good with people
rydw I'n eisiau helpu pobl
I want to help people
gwelais I
I saw
rydw i'n hoffi helpu pobl
I like to help people
dylech chi
you should
ddlylech chi ddim
you should not
fel arfer
o bryd i'w gilydd
from time to time
nawr ac yn y man
now and then
twy'r amser
all the time
ar y penwythnos
on the weekend
baswn i'n dweud bod
I would say that
dw i'n meddwl bod
I think that
fy hoff hobi i ydy
my favourite hobby is
fy hoff bwnc i ydy
my favourite subject is
mae rhywbeth
there's something