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bob yn ail (NW)
ar y naw
cael ail
to be disappointed
cant a mil o bethau
thousand and one things
chwarter call
not all there, half mad
does dim dwywaith amdani
there are no two ways about it
fesul un
one by one
fesul dau
two by two
gorau po gyntaf
the sooner the better
hanner call
half mad
hanner pan
half baked
heb ail
peerless, without equal
ill dau (m)
both of us, you two, the two of them
o'r hanner
by half
pob un
every one
pob un wan jac
every single person
taro deuddeg
to hit the mark
yn ei hanner
in half
yr un
welais i ddim yr un
(not) a single one
yr unfed awr ar ddeg
the eleventh hour