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why develop locally
testing, faster, seo poisoning, organized, fast, easier, powerful,hierarchy, user
basic wp installation
download wp, create db and user, edit config file, visit site and fill in details
codex, wp blogs, google, stack overflow, digging into wp book
core hack
do not edit files outside of wp-content...it will get edited during updates. editing files in the
how to set permalinks in admin panel
-settings, permalinks, choose format you like
wordpress "brain": on every page load:
it gets the right template from the theme, gets content from db
general rule when its time to write a link
don't write paths or hardcode urls (../etc), use a function and
basic steps to creating a new theme
1. new folder in themes folder
how to install 3rd party theme?
put folder in themes folder, then activate it.
theme unit test data
1. data (xml)
The Loop = what does it do
wp brain fetches the data and the Loop displays the content for the current page
Post tags are designed to work in the loop
such as: the_content(), the_title(), the_meta(), the_permalink(),