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a feature that you can add to your site, name must be unique, can be activated/deactivated.
what is a widget area
widget area = dynamic sidebar, no limit to widgets on pages
3 step process for creating a widget area in theme
1. register (register in functions.php) , 2. display
Menu system
1. register (register in functions.php) , 2. display (display in tmeplate), 3. admin drag & drop
image uploader sizes
3 sizes by default, use admin panel/settings to edit default sizes, use functions or a
what's a custom field?
allows additional content to post, adds additional fields of content to posts
what are the default post types
posts, page, attachment, revision, nav menu item
custom post types
add your own such as: products, events, review, services, testimonials,
how do we organize content in posts?
taxonomies: Product ->Price, ->brand, ->size