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User role assigned after WordPress is installed on a site. It allows the user to have full
Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, With Ajax, web applications can send data to, and retrieve data from, a
A specific variable that can hold one or more value under a single name. Referring to an index number or
The most popular HTTP server, most commonly used on a Unix-like system.
API stands for Application Programming Interface. It refers to set programming parameters, guidelines and
Syndication format to publish content in XML, which can be used by feed readers and news aggregators.
Term for files uploaded to WordPress from the WYSIWYG editor. Attachments allow you to append any
A predefined user role, which allows the user to upload files, write, edit, publish, and delete their own
A backlink is a hypertext link that when clicked, sends a user to a new URL. Backlinks from
A cache is a repository for stored data that is used to expedite the process of retrieving data. There are
Child Theme
A theme that takes on the functionality of its parent theme, but that can be edited and modified
A Canonical Name, or CNAME for short, is used to alias one domain for another domain. A CNAME record is
CMS stands for...
Content Management System
A cookie is a piece of data that's written to a user's hard drive in the form of a text document. Cookies
Unix based web hosting control panel that provides a graphical interface and automation tools designed to