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Javascript technique used to display images and other web content. Essentially there is a direct
In the context of a network, it is your physical computer. It is the hostname that the computer's
PHP code that displays posts in WordPress. WordPress processes each post to be displayed on the current
Multisite allows a webmaster to launch multiple sites off of their main site. For specific use
A nameserver is a computer that hosts a network service that provides responses to queries against
A permalink (or permanent link) is the permanent URL for each post and page on your website. You
Certain files have associated permissions that determine who can read, modify and access them.
Plugin Editor
A simple text editor that allows users to edit plugin files.
A software extension that provides a specific functionality to a WordPress install.
In most cases with WordPress, a redirect refers to URL redirection. A redirect results in making a
Regex, or regular expression, refers to a text string used for searching for information in a database,
A commercial entity that manages and reserves domain names on the internet.
Responsive Design
An approach to web design that creates continuity between devices of different resolutions
the Robot Exclusion Protocol, is a text file that gives or denies web-crawling
RSS Feed
Rich Site Summary, uses a standard web format to publish updated information from sites. It is