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Content Management System
a computer application that allows publishing, editing and modifying content, organizing, deleting as well as maintenance from a central interface
Default theme
Every installation of WordPress has a default theme. The default theme is sometimes called the
The draft post status is for WordPress posts which are saved, but as yet unpublished. A draft post can
An excerpt is a condensed description of your blog post and refers to the summary entered in the Excerpt
Footer area
A footer area is a horizontal area provided by a theme for displaying information other than the
As defined by Andy Skelton, Gallery, introduced with WordPress 2.5, is specifically an exposition of
GMT ("Greenwich Mean Time", the time at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England) is the old name of
Hacking is the process of writing code for, or contributing code to, a piece of software. There is some
Meta has several meanings, but generally means information about. In WordPress, meta usually refers to
Navigation is the term used to describe text on a page that, when selected, redirects you to a
Post Slug
A few words describing an entry, for use in permalinks (replaces the %posttitle% field therein),
Post Status
The status of a post, as set in the Administration Panel, Write Post SubPanel is either: Published
Post Type
Native (or built-in) registered post types are post, page, attachment, revision, and nav-menu-
Really Simple Syndication: a format for syndicating many types of content, including blog entries, torrent
In the WordPress user interface, a site can simply be the website created by WordPress, or it can be a