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<?php get_footer(); ?>
Footer include tag.
<?php the_title(); ?>
Displays the posts/pages title.
<?php the_content(); ?>
Displays the content of the post/page.
<?php the_time(); ?>
Displays the time of the current post/page.
<?php the_date(); ?>
Displays the date of a post or set of posts/pages.
<?php the_category(); ?>
Displays the category of a post.
<?php wp_list_cats(); ?>
Displays the categories.
<?php wp_get_archives(); ?>
Displays a date-based archives list.
<?php next_post_link(); ?>
Displays Newer Posts link.
<?php previous_post_link(); ?>
Displays previous link.
<?php the_search_query(); ?>
Value for search form.
<?php wp_register(); ?>
Displays the register link.
<?php wp_loginout(); ?>
Displays the log in/out link.
<?php timer_stop(); ?>
Time to load the page.
<?php bloginfo( 'name' ); ?>
Title of the blog.