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Introduction to PowerShell Cmdlets II

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dynamic module
A module that exists only in memory. The Import-PSSession cmdlet creates dynamic modules.
dynamic parameter
A parameter that is added to a Windows PowerShell cmdlet, function, or script under certain conditions. Cmdlets, functions, providers, and scripts can add dynamic parameters.
input processing method
A method that a cmdlet can use to process the records it receives as input. The input processing methods include the BeginProcessing method, the ProcessRecord method, the EndProcessing method, and the StopProcessing method.
Windows PowerShell module
A self-contained reusable unit that allows you to partition, organize, and abstract your Windows PowerShell code. A module can contain cmdlets, providers, functions, variables, and other types of resources that can be imported as a single unit.
Windows PowerShell snap-in
A resource that defines a set of cmdlets, providers, and Microsoft .NET Framework types that can be added to the Windows PowerShell environment.