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Deferred cancellation
Target thread periodically checks whether it should terminate, terminates itself
used in UNIX to notify a process that a particular event has occurred
Thread Pool
create a number of threads at process startup and place them in a pool where they wait for work.
data link
This layer's specifications include physical addressing, sequencing of frames, and flow control.
transport layer
physical layer
Switches and bridges operate at this layer.
data link layer
network layer
application layer
Telnet, FTP, and SMTP that exist in the TCP/IP suite operate at this layer.
session layer
communication sessions between presentation layer entities.
presention layer
At this layer, common data compression and encryption schemes are used.
Data Link Layers into what two sublayers?
LLC & MAC= Logical link control & Media access control.
Presentation layer
At what OSI layer are common data compression and encryption schemes used?
Presentation layer
What OSI layer is closest to the end user?