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OSI reference model
Stands for open systems interconnection. It consist of the following seven layers: 1-
How does the OSI model work?
It is model that provides a framework for networked hardware and software
Explain LAN transmission methods.
There are two main transmission method. Ethernet and Token Ring.
Explain WAN trasmission methods.
WANs are implemented in ring or star topologies. Communications are
Explain Network Protocols.
Protocol give access to multiple network devices to communicate with each other.
What is TCP/IP?
It is the basic protocol used by most computers now a days in order to communicate with each
How does IP addressing work?
It enables packets to each destination.
Explain how Token Ring works?
A predetermined formation of bits (a stream of data) that permits a computer to
What topology is the Ethernet based on?
It is based on Bus/Bus Star Topology.
Local Area Network
local, privately owned networks
Metropolitan Area Network
a high-speed network designed to link together metropolitan size areas, campuses
web pages which are only visible within a network
Client Server Network
Type of Network in which Client Machines make use of resources available on servers -
often referred to as dumb, consists basically of a keyboard and VDU and attached to a processor