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Peer To Peer
Type of network in which all machines have equal status and are connected any machine may be set
a name for any station connected to a network
the name for the transmission media on a network
multi port repeater - amplifys signal and broadcasts it to all nodes
Network Interface Card
Computer Misuse Act
This act makes it a crime to "hack" and create and distribute viriuses
Data Protection Act
This act states that Data Subjects are allowed access to their information (not always)
Copyright Designs and Patents Act
This act makes it a crime to copy software, music and sell it to make
A special method for solving a specific kind of problem
Antiglare Screen
A filter put over the screen of a computer monitor to reduce glare
Application Software
Software that performs a specific data=processing function
Copying or saving data to a secure location to prevent loss of data in the event of a disaster
A technical industry standard that facilitates communication between wireless devices such as
Everything that happens between the time the computer is turned on, performs the operations necessary to
Central Processing Unit (CPU)
Brain of the computer that performs instructions defined by software