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Compact Disk (CD)
AKA: Optical disk; Portible and tranferable read-write or read-only data storage device.
Reference to the nonphysical space of binary computer communication
Data Storage Device
Device capable of permanently or temporarily storing digital data
Data Storage Memory
Permanent memory not part of the motherboard. Uses any suitable data storage device. Can
Reorganization of information of a hard disk to store files as continuous units rather than as
Digital Video/Versatile Disk (DVD)
An optical disk that holds 4.7 to 9.0 gigabytes of data depending on the
Written material that accompanies purchased software containing the information neccesary for
Computer program designed to convert data output from one device to a format compatible with another
Electronic Health Record (EHR)
A patient's electronic medical records from multiplesources combined into one
Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
Patient medical record from a single medical practice, hospital, or pharmacy
Scientific study of work and space, including factors that influence worker productivity and that
References the networking of computers using metallic conductors or hard wires
Flash Drive
Solid-state data storage device
Hard Drive
Non-volatile storage device that stores digitally encoded data on rapidly rotating rigid disks
Hard-Wired Network
Networks connected by metallic conductors or cables