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Input Device
A device used to input data into a computer
Permission statement authorizing the use of copyrighted computer software
Local Area Network (LAN)
Network of computers usually in one office or building
Magnetic Disk Drives
Memory storage device that uses the magnetic state of ferrous coating to record data
Mainframe Computer
Large computer system capable of processing massive volumes of data
Refers to storage of computer data. Can be volatile (lost when computer is turned off) or nonvolatile
Personal or desktop computer
Printed circuit board on which the CPU, ROM, and RAM chips and other electronic circuit elements
Network Interface
Software, servers, and cable connections used to link computers
Connecting two or more computers together to share files and hardware
Operating System (OS)
Software used to control the computer and its peripheral equipment
Output Device
A device used to output data from a computer. Includes printers, faxes, data storage drivers,
Modification to software to fix deficiencies in the software. Frequently downloaded from the software
Personal Computer (PC)
Any computer whose price, size, and capabilities make it useful for individuals to use
Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)
An electronic tool for organizing data, a handheld computerized personal