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printer queue
is a logical representation of the printer's input and output.
page file
A file on the hard drive that is used for virtual memory.
The process of swapping data or instructions that have been placed in the swap file for later use back
An operating system feature that allows more than one application to run at a time.
The capability of an operating system to use multiple processors in a single computer, usually to
represents a piece of a process that can be executed independently of other parts of the process.
A file system developed by Microsoft and used with its Windows NT, Windows 2000 Server, Windows Server
Windows operating systems traditionally function in one of two network models. Which model does
A domain is a trusted group of computers that share security, access control, and have data passed down
trust relationship
The relationship between two domains in which one allows the other to authenticate its
child domain
A domain established within another domain in a Windows Server 2003 or Server 2008 domain tree.
Active Directory
A Windows server directory database and service that is used in managing a domain to allow
naming convention
A set of rules used in the naming of files and folders.
DN distinguished name
A long form of the object name that explicitly indicates its location within a tree's
the ability to make available - disk partitions up on demand