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a machine that can be programmed to control symbols
Personal Computer
a small, single-user computer; used in homes and buisnesses; based on a micrprocessor
Work Station
a powerful, single-user computer; more powerful microprocessor than PCs
a chip that is the master control circuit of a computer
a multi-user computer designed to handle hundreds of users at the same time
a powerful, multi-user computer; can support hundreds of thousands of users simultaneously
an extremely fast computer; can perform hundreds of millions of instructions every second
Operating System
a program that acts as a boundary between a computer user and the computer itself
the physical and mechanical components of a computer such as the mouse, monitor, chips,keyboard,
programs that direct the operation of computers; instructions for a computer
Real-Time Operating Systems
used for real-time applications such as thermostats, mobile phones,
Single-User Single-Task OPerating Systems
allows users to do only one thing at any given time
Single-User MUlti-tasking Operating Systems
allow the user to run several computer applications at the same
Graphical User Interface
allows user to operate computers without knowing the language used to communicate
Multi-User Operating Systems
allow multiple users to simultaneously ise the programs on a single computer