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understanding the cybersecurity assets and where they reside
By maintaining an asset inventory that details
Vulnerability scanning
Is the process of using proprietary or open source tools to search for known
Vulnerability scans
Conducted regularly to identify new vulnerabilities and ensure previously identified
Method used to take advantage of a vulnerability
Technical Vulnerability
Errors in design, implementation, placement or configuration like Coding errors,
Process Vulnerability
Errors in operation like Failure to monitor logs, Failure to patch software
Organizational Vulnerability
Errors in management, decision, planning or from ignorance like Lack of policies,
Emergent Vulnerability
Interactions between, or changes in,
It is important to analyze vulnerabilities in the context of
How they are exploited, and both vulnerabilities
automated tools
Can be used to identify common vulnerabilities in computer and network implementations and
Other vulnerability analysis tools
Open source and proprietary sources such as SANS, MITRE and OWASP,
Once vulnerabilities are identified and assessed
Appropriate remediation can take place to mitigate or
Will be through a patch management process but may also require reconfiguration of existing
tracking vulnerabilities and the remediation efforts to mitigate them
Provides a clear opportunity to provide
Penetration testing
Includes identifying existing vulnerabilities and then using common exploit methods