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Using common exploit methods with penetration testing to
Confirm exposures, Assess the level of
failure to planning penetration testing
May result in ineffective results, negative impact on or damage to the
4 main phases of penetration testing
Planning, Discovery, Attack and Reporting
Planning phase of penetration testing
The goals are set, the scope is defined and the test is approved and
Discovery phase of penetration testing
The penetration tester gathers information by conducting research on the
Attack phase of penetration testing
Is the process of verifying previously identified vulnerabilities by
Reporting phase of penetration testing
Occurs simultaneously with the other phases. An assessment plan is
Techniques used to gather information in the Discovery phase of penetration testing include
DNS interrogation,
A payload
Is the piece of software that lets a user control a computer system after it has been exploited
Metasploit's most popular payload which enables a user to upload and download files from the
Network management
Is the process of assessing, monitoring, and maintaining network devices and connections.
functional areas of network management (FCAPS):
Fault Management, Configuration Management, Accounting Management,
Fault Management
Detect, isolate, notify and correct faults encountered in the network. This category
Configuration Management
Configuration aspects of network devices include configuration file management,
Accounting Management
Usage information of network resources.