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Performance Management
Monitor and measure various aspects of performance metrics so that acceptable performance
Security Management
Provide access to network devices and corporate resources to authorized individuals. This
LANs and WANs
Are particularly susceptible to people and virus-related threats because of the large number of
administrative and control functions
Might be limited within network software
Software vendors and network users
Have recognized the need to provide diagnostic capabilities to identify
Is only becoming standard now
The use of logon IDs and passwords with associated administration facilities
Read, write and execute permission
These capabilities for files and programs are options available with some
newer versions of network software
Have significantly more control and administration capabilities.
Can represent a form of decentralized computing.
Decentralized local processing
Provides the potential for a more responsive computing environment; however,
local LAN administrators
Frequently lack the experience, expertise and time
LAN software and practices
Also need to provide for the security of these programs and data
most LAN software
Provides a low level of security
The emphasis has been on providing capability and functionality rather than
risk associated with use of LANs includes
Loss of data and program integrity, Lack of current data