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VoIP outages
May result in massive, widespread customer panic
Many security teams
Spend most of their time preventing outside attackers from penetrating a corporate
Remote access users
Can connect to their organization's networks with the same level of functionality that
A viable Remote access option gaining increased use
TCP/IP Internet-based remote access
TCP/IP Internet-based remote access
Is a cost effective approach that enables organizations to take advantage
To effectively use TCP/IP Internet-based remote access
Organizations establish a virtual private network over the
Advantages of VPN technologies which apply IPSec security standard
Are their ubiquity, ease of use,
Disadvantages of VPN technologies which apply IPSec security standard
Include that they are significantly less
Organizations should be aware that using VPNs to allow remote access to their systems
Can create holes in their
Encrypted VPN traffic can
Hide unauthorized actions or malicious software that can
Intrusion detection systems (IDSs) and virus scanners
Are able to decrypt the traffic for analysis and then
A good practice will terminate all VPNs to the same end point
A so called VPN concentrator, and will not accept
Remote access risk include
DoS, Malicious third parties, Misconfigured communications software, Misconfigured
Remote access controls include
Policies and standards, Proper authorizations, Identification and authentication
System Hardening
Is the process of implementing security controls on a computer system