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Examples of common security events include
Authentication failures (incorrect passwords) and logging of
Logging too much activity can
Make anaylsis difficult, as well as waste resources such as the disk space to
Logging too little activity
Will not provide adequate information to detect attacks
Provides an enterprise with a significant opportunity to increase efficiency and decrease costs in
Advantages of Virtualization
Server hardware costs may decrease, Multiple OSs can share processing capacity and
Although virtualization offers significant advantages
They come with risk that an enterprise must manage
Disadvantages of Virtualization
Inadequate configuration of the host could create vulnerabilities that affect not
Because the host in a virtualized environment represents a potential single point of failure within the system
To address VM risk as a single point of failure
An enterprise can often implement and adapt the same principles
Examples of specialized systems include
Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems or other real-
SCADA systems
Control industrial and manufacturing processes, power generation, air traffic control systems, and
Because of the importance of SCADA systems
They can be targeted by many different adversaries, and the impact
Many existing SCADA systems did not
Consider security in their design or deployment, and while vendors are
Insecure applications
Open your organization up to external attackers who may try to use unauthorized code to
Application security measures
Should be applied during the design and development phase of the application,