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Automated controls
Should be coupled with manual procedures to ensure
Implementation of these automated controls
Helps ensure system integrity, that applicable system functions
Application controls include
Firewalls, Encryption programs, Anti-malware programs, Spyware detection/removal
In order to reduce application security risk, OWASP recommends the following:
Define application security
Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)
Is a general term used to describe the multilayered protocol and related
WAP protocols
Are largely based on Internet technologies. The motivation for developing WAP was to extend
Supports most wireless networks and is supported by all operating systems specifically engineered for
These kinds of devices that use displays and access the Internet run what are called
Micro-browsers, which have
Although WAP supports Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and extensible markup language (XML)
The Wireless
General issues and exposures related to wireless access
The interception of sensitive information, The loss or
The interception of sensitive information
Information is transmitted through the air, which increases the
The loss or theft of devices
Wireless devices tend to be relatively small, making them much easier to steal or
The misuse of devices
Devices can be used to gather information or intercept information that is being passed
Distractions caused by the devices
The use of wireless devices distract the user. If these devices are being
Possible health effects of device usage
The safety or health hazards have not yet been identified.