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Wireless user authentication
There is a need for stronger wireless user authentication and authorization tools
File security
Wireless phones and PDAs do not use the type of file access security that other computer platforms
WEP security encryption
WEP security depends particularly on the length of the encryption key and on the usage of
Most vendors offer 128-bit encryption modes. they are not standardized, so there is no
Translation point
The location where information being transmitted via the wireless network is converted to
Static WEP
Is a serious security risk, as a static key can easily
Can be individually protected with control that is similar to protections applied at the system
Specific controls that can be placed at the database level include
Authentication and authorization of
The controls used to protect databases
Should be designed in conjunction with system and application controls and
The information an organization uses
Can be of varying value and importance
some information may be public and require minimal protection while other information such as
National security
It is important for an organization to understand
The sensitivity of information and classify data based on
Data classification
Works by tagging data with metadata based on a classification taxonomy. This enables data
Classification levels
Should be kept to a minimum and be simple designations that assign different degrees of
The classification scheme
Should convey the association of the data and their supporting business processes.